Student-led Resistance to Voter Suppression, Then and Now – Zoom

Student-led Resistance to Voter Suppression, Then and Now – Zoom


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The history of voter suppression efforts on HBCU campuses has a long and ugly history, and there is an equally long history of student-led resistance.  Back by popular demand, Prairie-View A&M professor Ron Goodwin, PhD will present the histories of voter suppression and student resistance on the campus of Prairie View A&M in Texas .  He will draw on the lessons of history to provide context for current efforts to restrict access to democracy for students of color and to perpetuate racism and racial disparities through interference in education.  Dr. Goodwin is an engaging, passionate, and authentic speaker.  A facilitated dialogue will follow the presentation.  Together we can imagine a path forward.

campus voter suppressionOur presenter: Ron Goodwin is an Associate Professor at Prairie View A&M University and a native of San Antonio, Texas. His research interests focus on the intersection of race and neighborhood development, the political impacts of the urban planning processes, and the cultural preservation of Texas’ black community through the New Deal’s Slave Narratives. Goodwin’s publications include the manuscripts The New Deal and Texas History: Saving the Past through Hardship and Turmoil (2021) and Remembering the Days of Sorrow: The WPA and the Texas Slave Narratives (2014) and the co-authored The Mask of Microaggressions: Case Studies of Racism in the US (with Dr. Mark Tschaepe in 2017). His numerous peer-reviewed articles examine such topics as race and politics, the impacts of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Sweatt v Painter, factors influencing white flight in Texas, and the negative impacts of subprime lending contributing to the financial crises in 2008. Goodwin received his PhD from Texas Southern University.

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Event Type: Virtual
Date: February 27, 2023
Time : 6:00 PM Central Time to 8:00 PM Central Time
Duration: 1 Day
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