When the dust is settle on this suffering

Hollywood will inevitably find a way to co-op

This movement 

Because that’s what we need 

They will cast Tom Cruise as a conflict cop

And Thandie Norton as his black light skin wife

They will have Terry Crews as his crooked cop partner to show that every race has bad cops 

Because that’s exactly what we need

The center piece moment will be 

A Black Lives Matter protest being raided by cops

As Tom Cruise white Jesus’ himself through the crowd 

And hands every single person a Pepsi 

As the movie ends with the a statue of our saviors

The Khardashians 

As the screen turns to black there will be

Large white font declaring


because that’s what we need

Says the screen writer

Says the politician

Says the police officer

Says his gun

This year has been more movie than real life

Politicians performing their best “I’m sorry” dance while still being able to dance around changing things 

There is a new law for Breonna Taylor but her killers are still free

They can still mask themselves as human

Even as the veil slips and shows their fangs 

I went to my first protest on June 2nd 

In hopes of a change

And was met with a rousing speech 

About voting 

Where is the logic in thinking a white guy can make things better for black people than a black guy

I think they call that a dramatic irony in film

Once again the system has avoided

Emptying entire precinct and turning them into gardens and naming each fallen precinct after a fallen brother or sister

Funneling police pensions into college funds

For the parent less kids of the fallen

Burning all racist landmarks to the ground and building new community centers in their place 

And finally just leaving us alone

Cuz THAT is what we really need!

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