2019 Annual Letter to Our Members and Friends

Dear Members and Friends of the Center:

At a time of heightened racial tension throughout the United States, our work at the Center for the Healing of Racism has never been more important. Racism is one of the greatest ills in U.S. society.  Deeply embedded in our national culture, it’s a disease that hurts all of us.  But we also know that racism is a learned behavior that can be unlearned.  We believe the Center is uniquely equipped to heal racism, our national disease, through our groundbreaking programs.

Over the past 30 years since the Center was founded, we have seen dramatic examples of healing take place for participants in Dialogue: Racism and other Center workshops as individuals grapple with their racial conditioning and consciously begin taking steps toward healing and oneness.  For many people, participation in a Center workshop is the first time they have truly been educated about the different types of racism, the ramifications of racism and how seamlessly they are intertwined in every fiber of our society.  The comprehensive education we provide, in the context of a multi-racial, multi-ethnic group, provides the ideal context for participants to share their feelings, their fears and their common humanity in a safe, respectful, nurturing space. 

While it has been deeply gratifying to witness these moments of healing over the years, the Center’s long-term dream is to be able to extend our life-affirming programs to a much wider audience – beyond Houston, beyond Texas, into every state of the union.  For that, we need to grow as an organization. We’ll need to increase resources, staff, facilitators and access to new materials. 

As 2019 draws to a close, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Center to help us expand our healing programs into a broken world.


Cherry Steinwender

Laura Gallier

Co-Executive Directors


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