A Dialogue About Tears We Cannot Stop

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When some of you say “I don’t see color,” …you don’t help the cause.  The failure to see color only benefits white America.  A world without color is a world without racial debt.”

“The most radical action a white person can take is to acknowledge … privilege, to say ??In our institutional structures, and in deep psychological structures, our underlying assumption is that our lives are worth more than yours.”

“Working as a white ally is tough, but certainly not impossible.”

Help us develop better allies by participating in a dialogue about Tears We Cannot Stop:  A Sermon to White America by Michael Eric Dyson.Dr. Dyson is a Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, an ordained minister, author of 20 books, a writer for the New York Times, and an editor for both The New Republic and ESPN’s The Undefeated Ebony.

When: October 11, 2017, Noon to 2:00 or October 12, 2017  6:30-8:30

Where: 3412 Crawford Street Parking Lot 9 (Almeda/Crawford and Holman)

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