2014 Annual Fundraising Letter

 November 12, 2014 

Dear Center Members and Friends,

As we enter the last season of the year, it is a good time to reflect on the status of our organization and the problems it aims to combat.  Simply following the daily news makes it obvious that racism still plays a major role in American life.  At the same time some major steps forward in acceptance and inclusiveness can be observed.  That is the nature of societal change, two steps forward; one step back.

The steps taken by the Center are aiding individuals and groups to take some of the fear and denial out of the conversation about racism.  Our educational programs provide healing and empowerment.  Some individuals are deeply committed to their ignorance and cannot see how their words of hurt and behavior still have long term impact on its victims.  We are painfully aware of this reality and with your help, we can continue to aid in the process of healing from such damage.

The Center has been a constant and consistent voice reaching out to all who will listen, young and old, individuals and groups, near and far.  The message is always the same:  education, healing, empowerment and aiding individuals to internalize the oneness of the human family.

Thanks to Houston Community College Central for providing office space (our new home). This support will greatly enhance our work by providing two large classrooms for additional programs as well as rooms to host university interns and volunteers.  Those of you who were able to attend our open house held August 29, 2014, know the attention to detail that makes this space welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

Another constant is the struggle for funds to keep the work moving forward.  Funds are generated by workshops, annual memberships and the sale of books. More is needed to honor every request for help.  The Center is dependent on the generosity and commitment of its members and friends to keep honoring these opportunities.  Please help with a tax deductible gift to keep the work moving forward.  Any gift will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.


Cherry Steinwender

Executive Director


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