The Knowledge Necessary to Avoid & Cure Xenophobia

Stop xenophobia by attending workshops provided by our non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas. What sets the Center for Healing Racism apart from other groups working on the issue of racism is its emphasis on healing. Our service to the community has a strong educational base. We first educate about racism and then facilitate the process by which individuals can begin to counter the affects of racism on their lives and become empowered to interrupt the cycle of racist attitudes. Contact us at (713) 520-8226 for more information about how our workshops work to stop xenophobia.

Our Youth Workshops

Bullying is Bull

Reports of childhood bullying and violence are on the increase in the city of Houston and throughout the rest of the nation. Much of these negative interactions stem from ignorance and misunderstanding the people who are different. The workshop will aid the participants in understanding the psychological and physical damage done to the person that is being bullied and the perpetrator. The Center for Healing Racism is on the forefront of prevention by providing children in elementary, middle, and high school as well as adults the necessary information to understand our common human experiences.

SOS – Shattering of Stereotypes

Shattering of Stereotypes invites the participants to examine their own beliefs and how all of us are impacted and hurt by negative stereotypes. The workshop confronts stereotypes and is presented in a visual way. The joys and strengths, along with the pains and anxieties of cross-cultural relationships are discussed. The workshop is designed for youth and young adults.

Opening the Breadbasket Workshop

“Bread comes in different sizes, shapes, colors… but it is all bread. Just like little children come in different sizes, shapes, colors… but we all belong to the same human race.” It’s such a simple lesson, right? But then again… bread is such a simple food, right? That is what many children in the Houston area thought before experiencing the innovative workshop, “Opening the Breadbasket,” created by Cherry Steinwender, Co-Executive Director of the Center for Healing Racism.

The Bandage Exercise Workshop

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!” It is such a common refrain among school children, but is it always true? Not when those words reflect the negative stereotypes that circulate about different groups of people with whom we may identify. Unlike a cut or a scrape, which can be observed on the surface of the body, the hurts that arise from harmful stereotypes are not nearly so visible. That is, unless you have experienced “The Bandage Exercise,” for adults, and middle to high school aged audiences.

The Bitter with The Sweet Workshop

How many of our parents, when we have been ill, have given us bitter-tasting medicine to help us get well? It seems paradoxical at times that what may help us most with our difficulties often has a bitter taste. Yet, ultimately, the bitter leads to the sweet: the end of our suffering. This is no less true when confronting the social disease of racism in our communities and ourselves.

Our Adult Workshops

Dialogue: Racism

The hallmark of the Center for Healing Racism- Dialogue: Racism – was developed to promote the sharing of thoughts, feelings, experiences, and perspectives among a diverse group of people. Teams of facilitators from different heritages create a safe, respectful environment where participants can explore the issues of racism and its repercussions. Information is provided by the facilitators on such topics as defining prejudice and racism, where racism originates, how racism is perpetuated, the forms of racism, and positive means for overcoming racism and healing its wounds. Participants are then encouraged to dialogue within guidelines that promote real listening and understanding.

The Dialogue: Racism program is conducted in a 8-evening format of 2 hours each session or in an intensive weekend format of two 8-hour days. Workshops of shorter durations on more limited topics can be arranged to meet the needs of particular groups. We provide our education programs around racism, stereotypes, and xenophobia. The Center has conducted workshops in 40 states and 2 countries to spread our message.

Fall 2019 Dialogue Racism

Lunch and Learn Dialogues

Lunch and Learn is a monthly event held by the CFHR that seeks to educate participants on a few of the many contributing factors to racism. Topics include: Identifying Various Forms of Racism; Microaggressions; White Privilege; Internalized Oppression; Exploring Identity; and Shattering of Stereotypes. This 90 minute workshop is supposed to give a general idea of topics so participants can continue to explore them in their everyday life and see how they can work to heal from the ills of racism.

Waking News

Waking News is a monthly event held by the CFHR that gives participants a safe space to discuss racism found in the media. Participants are encouraged to bring an article from a magazine, journal, or online resource relating to discrimination, oppression, or any form of racism. The room then discusses each article wherein everyone can engage in a lively discussion about the complexities of racism. Through discussing the everyday manifestations of racism we can all take the crucial steps towards learning and healing together.

Film Series: Race: The Power of an Illusion

This film series is a workshop that explores the the idea of race and the impact it has had on our society. The series is conducted over three days in two hour sessions. Session 1 examines the contemporary science of race. Session 2 uncovers the roots of the race concept and how it justifies the social inequalities. Session 3 uncovers how race resides in our politics, economics and our culture through resources, power, status and wealth.