The Center for the Healing of Racism holds compassionate human centered workshops. Cherry is a dedicated and thoughtful leader that genuinely cares about each individual's experience. I recommend their workshops, especially to those newer to the conversation of racism

Heather Marie Scholl, Confront White Womanhood

I would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for a great workshop yesterday. Many students and faculty found the workshop very enriching and many more who weren't able to attend are asking for the recording just because of the great feedback from those who attended. I sincerely appreciate you both for doing this. This was much needed especially given our current racial climate.

Gilbert, Student National Dental Association, Colorado

I recently attended the session on White Privilege at the Center for the Healing of Racism and really enjoyed the presentation and the people I met there. The presentation and personal sharing were very educational, thought provoking and helpful to my life. I highly recommend their programs.


Thank you for the opportunity to co-facilitate last night's event. I left there feeling excited about the difference we made in the lives of those who had attended. I would not have expected the outcome to be what it was as the participants shared their feelings. I was in shock! A good shock. Thank you for the continued opportunities


I was so grateful to share space and dialogue with a group of people all interested in learning about experiences different from their own, making room for empathy, and taking action to begin healing. Racism is something that is in action in every piece of our society and in all of our lives every day. It was such an important step for me to take this chance to move outside of my comfort zone and be honest about my lived experience, reflect on the impact of my actions and my prejudices, whether consciously or subconsciously enacted, and take this knowledge out into my community to enact change.