Rediscover, Retell, Repair, Renew!

Rediscover, Retell, Repair, Renew!

The Center for the Healing of Racism
In Partnership with Mary Nelson of Sankofa Directions


Rediscover, Retell, Repair, Renew!

“De-Colonizing Minds”

‘Learn from the past and build the future.’

Details: Although the dominant structures of colonialism have to a certain extent disappeared from our world, more subtle remnants of colonialism are still impacting our societies. As a part of this, the content of much of our literature is still dominated by the perspectives of the colonial masters of the past. These historical remnants, and other sly messages coming over today in our societies, are controlling minds, and we are not hearing Africa’s real stories. This is a story telling session designed to open minds and strengthen the awareness of the benefits for all of us to be involved in the renewal process, and move us all forward.

Character in the story: Ananse, the spider, African/Jamaican folk character.

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