The Violence of White Women’s Safety – a Zoom workshop

The Violence of White Women’s Safety – a Zoom workshop


Please join us for an interactive workshop to examine the ways white women’s safety has been a tool for racial violence. Grounded in a historical understanding, from emancipation to the present, we explore the relationship between white women and law enforcement that has led to mass incarceration of People of Color, Black men in particular. We will conclude with guided discussions on how racialized fears present in our daily lives.

This is an interactive workshop; we invite you to please attend with video.

*We do not believe in creating white-only spaces; all people are welcome. However, the training is designed for people who are or have been perceived as “white women”. This includes trans people of all genders who may have had this experience, as well as People of Color who may be perceived as white. Please reach out with any questions.

Our discussion will be led by Heather Marie scholl, founder of Confront White Womanhood, a non-profit that educates people about the ways white womanhood is used to enact white supremacy and how as white women we are responsible for our role in this white supremacist culture. We seek to shrink the gap between our beliefs and actions, through an embodied understanding of our choices in the context of history.

This workshop is free and donations are greatly appreciated.

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After registration, you will receive a Zoom link a few days before the event.

Event Type: Virtual
Date: August 8, 2020
Time : 2:00 PM Central Time to 4:00 PM Central Time
Duration: 1 Day
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