The Myth of Equality – a live dialogue

The Myth of Equality – a live dialogue


racial healing

An examination of the experiment of democracy shaped by colonialism, religion and the caste system that allows conforming to racial oppression in society, my personal account of the dimensions of internalized racism and the affects of racism in institutions. I’m a muralist. I observe, analyze and question the essential components in life and human condition. The murals that I create are my contribution to stop any type of injustice and to bring awareness to social, cultural, and political issues ~ Daniel Anguilu.

A facilitated dialogue will follow the presentation.

This event will be LIVE and IN-PERSON. It will not be offered virtually or recorded.

Free and open to the public with donations encouraged. To donate click here.

Daniel Anguilu uses life itself as his subject matter, translating its movements and attitudes, from one moment to another, into art. The traces of his desire to create in order to examine and reflect life, not merely remind us of it, are seen in the city’s streets – pockets of public spaces with extraordinary design and exploding colors. Utilizing the strengths of revolutionary muralists such as Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros, Anguilu’s art in public spaces is an honest form of freedom of expression. His murals consist of abstract and enigmatic imagery, often depicting animals – in a style reminiscent of Aztec design – with contemporary visual rhetoric to compose brilliant, wild senses of balance and conflict, driven by his Mexican heritage and a cross-cultural influence.

Anguilu started painting graffiti at an early age. He has traveled to many cities in the US, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Italy to paint murals and to participate in art exhibitions. He has also visited Asia, Africa and Central America to enrich his knowledge of pre-colonial art and the cultures in those regions. Anguilu has participated in group shows at the Mexican Consulate of Houston, Poissant Gallery, Pevetol Gallery, Aerosol Warfare Gallery, and The Orange Show. He has worked on projects at DiverseWorks, the Houston Skate Park, and was commissioned by Neiman Marcus and Converse. He has had residencies at Metropolitan Transit Authority in Houston, TX in Fall of 2013, and at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts in April 2014. Currently, he focuses on painting public spaces in the Houston area and working in collaboration with local businesses and home owners.

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Location: 3412 Crawford Street, Houston, TX 77004
Event Type: In-Person
Date: May 21, 2022
Time : 2:00PM Central Time to 4:00PM Central Time
Duration: 1 Day
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