Lunch and Learn: Internalized Oppression



Time: 11:45am - 1:15pm
Location: 3412 Crawford St, Houston, TX 77004

“Oppression can come in many forms, and we can be oppressed for various reasons – because of our race, culture, sexual orientation, gender, and others. When we accept or “buy-in to” the negative and inferiorizing messages that are propagated about who we are, then we have begun to internalize the oppression that we experienced.”                                                                                                                   – E. J. R. David Ph.D., “Internalized Oppression: We Need to Stop Hating Ourselves” on Psychology Today

Put your lunch break to good use and come learn with us! October 23rd we will be exploring Internalized Oppression and the way an oppressed group can come to use the very same methods of the oppressor against themselves.

Bring your lunch and let’s learn together!
The event is free and open to the public with donations greatly appreciated.
Parking in HCC Lot 9
RSVP required: or 713-520-8226