Avoiding Toxic Productivity in Conversations about Racism – a Zoom dialogue

Avoiding Toxic Productivity in Conversations about Racism – a Zoom dialogue


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Many of us doing the work of social justice feel pressured to help others contextualize situations we ourselves may not yet have a handle on. For example, racially motivated attacks, bad faith legislation, or just the day to day anti-racist work we do in order to live our values. We’ll be talking about toxic productivity in these conversations and doing a guided exercise.  A facilitated dialogue will follow the discussion.

. Presented by Marina Martinez-Bateman   CEO, New Coyote Consulting. “I come from a family of communist activists on the one side, and marine corps veterans on the other. Along the way, we experienced and passed down generational trauma, abuse, mental illness, and addiction. My identity as a queer, non-binary, disabled Chicanx person informs my sense of place in this world, and my family history and personal experiences of racism, sexism, oppression, transphobia, and ableism in and out of the workplace fuel my need for justice. The work of anti-racism, decolonization and recovery from the trauma of captalism is a life-long journey and it’s been my daily practice to do my part in this generational work for more than 21 years”.


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Date: May 6, 2021
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