Purpose and Goals

With the avowed purpose of healing racism, the Center established the goals that would guide this achievement. These goals call for the creation of a safe and accepting environment in which people can explore issues of racism, recognize manifestations of racism, examine assumptions and beliefs about racism, understand the impact of racism on themselves and others, and receive the support and encouragement to begin the healing process. In addition, the Center recognizes the benefits derived from active coalition building with other groups and associations that share a commitment to racial justice.

  1. To create for all people a safe environment in which to explore the Issues of racism and Its social, emotional, and spiritual repercussions
  2. To recognize racism in its various manifestations, including the most blatant forms of bigotry to its most subtle, unaware, and sometimes passive forms
  3. To examine attitudes, assumptions, feelings, and beliefs about people of color and their cultures and to identify methods by which society has conditioned both whites and people of color with misinformation
  4. To assist european americans to discover how racism has affected their lives, to become sensitized to the experiences of people of color, to unlearn racist patterns, and to empower themselves to interrupt racist remarks and attitudes
  5. To provide an accepting and supportive atmosphere for people of color to heal the hurts they have suffered as a result of the oppression of racism
  6. To make available educational opportunities for people of all ages to obtain accurate information about the history and rich heritage of people of color
  7. To build coalitions and associations with other groups and individuals who share a commitment to racial justice

The Positive Cure to Negative Racial Stereotypes

Learn how to remove racial stereotypes from your life with help from our non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas. The Center for Healing Racism recognizes and acknowledges the essential oneness of the human race. The purpose and goals of our non-profit organization is to see the United States and the world overcome their differences and racial stereotypes and find peace with one another.

Contact us at (713) 520-8226 for more information about how we plan on healing racial stereotypes and other negative outlooks.

The Tenets of Healing Racism:

  1. Racism, as a disease woven into the moral and spiritual fiber of american society, obscures the possibility of establishing the reality of that oneness
  2. Racism violates the dignity of humankind, retards the unfolding of the potentialities of its victims, corrupts its perpetrators, and blights human progress
  3. The patterns of thinking and behaving that constitute racism have been learned and can be unlearned
  4. Racism is marked by an imbalance in economic, political, and social power in favor of some , ethnic, and cultural groups at the expense of others
  5. An increase in awareness of the development and perpetuation of racism will lead to its elimination and the development of a just and peaceful world
  6. The struggle against racism must, first and foremost, be waged in the heart