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Bread is such a simple food, right? That is what many elementary school children think before experiencing the innovative workshop entitled, “Opening the Breadbasket.” The workshop was conducted 10 years before the book “Bread is a Simple Food” was written. Through this basic food children can learn a profound lesson about cultures. This book was written to help children internalize the oneness of the human family.
~Cherry Steinwender, Author

I read the book “Bread is a Simple Food”, by Cherry Steinwender. I loved the book! It is simple, yet very powerful and useful. It is a beautiful narrative teaching us so much about culture…and about our similarities and differences. I have also been privileged to have seen Cherry teach her workshop to children, which is fantastic! The book brings me those memories every time I turn a page. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in global unity.
~Ana Eigler, LMSW-AP, Principal
Eiglers‘ Consulting Services